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The “Land of Fire” is an intoxicating cocktail of antiquity, natural wonder and cosmopolitan cities. Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is a place where cultures meet and mesh. Azerbaijan has many sites of interest, from Baku’s modern Flame Towers to the depths of the Walled City of Baku, a medieval Unesco World Heritage Site.

Capital: Baku
Visa requirements: E-visa required
Time zone: GMT + 4 
Language: Azerbaijani. Russian is also spoken, and basic English is understood by most of the population
Currency: Manat
Population: 9.4 million
Electricity: 230V, Type F plug

Tipping policy: Tipping for above average service is appreciated. In most restaurants a service charge will be included in the bill. If not, a tip of around five to ten per cent of the total amount can be considered 

Direct flights to Baku (average flight time: 5h): London Heathrow
Indirect flights available via: Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Qatar  

1. Heydar Aliyev Centre, a museum, exhibition centre and auditorium housed in an architecturally impressive building

2.Carpet Museum – the Azerbaijani carpet is a Unesco Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage

3.Lahij Village, with its antique copperware workshops, white-cobbled streets, stone houses, craft shops and mountain trails

4.Gobustan Mud Volcanoes, a Unesco Cultural Landscape of more than 6,000 rock engravings, which go back 40,000 years

5.Sheki Khan Palace

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2020, held on the Baku City Circuit June 4-7

2019 UEFA Europa League at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, June 13th -July 4th

Baku International Jazz Festival, October 9-18. The festival showcases Azerbaijan’s long-running attachment to jazz, a connection established in the country during the 1950s and 1960s when jazz was outlawed by Soviet authorities

Novruz Bayram – the Zoroastrian New Year, celebrated with festive public dancing, sports contests and folk entertainment, March 20

Jara Music Festival, the largest music event in the CIS countries july 29-Aug 2nd

Documents needed: 
Valid visa;
Passport or ID card;
Application form;
Divorce or death certificates of former spouse(s), if applicable;
Certificate of No Record of Marriage issued in your home country.

Under Azerbaijani law, civil registration of all marriages is required and marriages involving a foreigner must be registered at the Main Registry Office (ZAGS). Same-sex marriages are not yet legal. However, Azerbaijan is a secular state and travellers of all ethnic background, sexual orientation are welcome and will feel safe while travelling around the country

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